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Week 12 B - Research activity project

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Week 12 - Marketing Tools

Week 12  - Marketing Tools

Integrating online marketing tools into your business is extremely essential in today’s world. Marketing tools like MailChimp and Hootsuite allow you to stay in constant communication with your consumers in an effective and efficient way. These types of tools, and many others, give companies an extra advantage by promoting their agenda through real-time communication. With that in mind, the marketing tools I would integrate into my business are LinkedIn, Hootsuite and HubSpot.

I would use LinkedIn to connect and build relationships with other investors in my area. Through these connections, I would see about doing a real estate investment partnership deal. I feel like partnering with other investors can bring together resources like different background knowledge and skill sets.

Hootsuite would be used for scheduling my social media posts. In return, this would free up time for me to focus my attention on other aspects of my company. Hootsuite also gives you …

Week 11 - Email Marketing

Newsletters – A marketing tool that is immensely effective and valuable for new and existing businesses alike. Email marketing allows your company to stay in contact with your consumers, increase brand awareness and build customer loyalty. Not only that, but newsletters also adds value to your company’s brand. The key to email marketing is staying consistent. Consistency builds trust and reliability. In return, your business can be seen as an expert in its field through its content. It is because of this, I do believe His and Hers Real Estate Investments would benefit tremendously with email marketing.

The type of content my newsletter will entail are as follows: Tips on How to Sell Your Home, Real Estate Educational Guides, Market Trends and Tips on How to Save Money Before Purchasing your First Home.  My email marketing campaign would be set up to send monthly newsletters to my subscribers.  I feel like weekly would be a bit bombarding in the long run.  I want my newsletter to appeal…

Week 10 B - Blog Categories

Organizing your blog posts into specific categories is not only helpful for you, but also for your readers. Let’s say, for example, you have a blog post on detox smoothies for weight loss. A reader finds this post via google and really enjoys the article. Your new reader now wants more info on different smoothies for weight loss. The readers see that your blog has a smoothie category and is now hooked on your content. Having categories on your blog creates customer loyalty and improve your SEO ranking

Adding categories to my blog will have huge benefits to my blogger site. Categories will make it easier for new viewers to find my content and browse through posts. The type of categories I would have are Buying a New Home, Selling a Home, Home Improvement Tips and Market Trends. Although my business primary focus is fixing and flipping distressed properties, I also want to create a platform where people can get the latest information on market trends and real estate tips. I want my blog…

Week 10 A - Appealing To Peoples Emotions

When writing a blog, in the beginning, you are basically faceless. By letting people know there is an actual person behind the words on the screen can spark a connection with you and the customer. Ultimately, adding human interest to your blog allows your readers to connect with you and your business in a more personal and relatable way. For me, reading a blog post that is similar to a personal life experience draws me in to read more. I am also emotionally connected with the writer and become more engaged with their content.

Effective human-interest blogs can result in your company differentiating itself from their competition. When a human-interest post is well written, it will captivate their audience, and through its uniqueness, produce a bigger fan base and consumer interaction. A human-interest post may be less effective if you are guest blogging for a company. Especially if you are writing from the standpoint of your own personality while disregarding the company’s brand and cor…

Week 9 - Twitter

To find connections on Twitter, the search words used were “Moving Companies” and “Storage Companies”. I also filter my searches to companies within San Diego County. From there I created two lists, one for the moving companies and the second for the storage companies. I created these two categories to help me get a better understanding of the type of content each type of business is producing. All tweets from my company will be sent between 1PM to 3PM every other day, Monday thru Friday. I decided on this window based on an article I read on sprout social. On their site, they discuss the peak times and days to post on twitter.