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Week 16

The social media platforms I enjoyed the most were Facebook, Instagram, and Email marketing via Mail Chimp. I learned so much with the Facebook marketing tools and was proud of what I was able to create for my company. I’m a big fan of Instagram and I enjoy its easy to use platform. With Mail Chimp, I was able to tap into my creative side and design a newsletter that reflected my company’s personality and mission statement.

Finding the right type of social media platform for your business is extremely important in today’s world. Social media allows companies to interact with their consumers as well as learn about their audience demographics. After checking out which social media platforms my competitors are using to interact with their clients, I decided that Facebook marketing and Email Marketing would integrate best with my company. With a weekly email marketing campaign, I am able to strengthen the relationships with my clients and build credibility. With Facebook, I can engage wi…

Week 15 B

Reviewing Aztec Brewery- November 22nd to December 2nd
Facebook Page Follows: It appears that from November 22nd to December 2nd the company had an increase of searches on the 27th. Also during that block, it shows an increase of people on their page when compared to the prior week. Additionally, the number of likes reached its highest peak on the 25th and 29th of November.

Post Reach: A high amount of organic reaches. This portion also shows more mobile users viewing their Facebook page.

Reactions: When compared to the prior week, reactions reached its normal peak. Recommendations show an increase between November 25th & 26th

Page Views: Statistically speaking, more males are visiting the Aztec brewery Facebook page then females. Males between the age range of 25 to 34 are at the top of the viewing poll. Majority, if not all views are based out of the United States, with a few in United Kingdom. Facebook Views by city shows San Diego, CA in first place, Vista, CA in second and Oc…

Week 15 A

Under Data Activation, the Audience Demographics would integrate well with my company. I would use this feature to learn more about who is viewing my website and need my services. Ultimately everything under the Reporting, category would be extremely beneficial. The available stats would help me get a better understanding of what happens when a user is on my site, what information they focused on the most and which advertising campaign is capturing my audience attention. Data Collection and Management feature will help me stay organize. Having an abundance of data with no organization can be tedious. The import data feature will allow me to import data from other sources and get a better understanding of my advertising campaign. What’s cool about the Google Big Query section is that it provides data driven feedback every 10 minutes. Through the Integration umbrella, features like Google Ads, Google Ad Manager and Search Ad 360 will benefit my company a lot. These features could help m…

Week 14 - Facebook Ads

The first Facebook ad I picked was the "Get More Leads" option. I decided on this approach because I felt it was a great way to find prospective sellers. 

The second facebook ad I picked was the "Promote Your Business Locally" option. I tried to change my radius to 25miles, but for some strange reason, Facebook would not let me update it.  I did some research on a homeowners average age, which resulted in me choosing an age range of 40 to 65+.   I felt like this would be my target audience who could benefit from my service.
The third Facebook ad I picked was the "Boost A Post".  I picked the age range of 30 - 65+ as I wanted my services to reach as many people as possible.   Additionally,  I did some research and learned that the average age of a new homeowner is in their 30's. Although they may not need my services per se, they might pass along my information to a  neighbor looking to sell their home. 

Week 13 B - Facebook Ads

There are many different types of Facebook ad strategies a company can choose from to promote their business. For example, if you own a clothing store, you can use the Carousel or Image feature to showcase your store's appeal. You can also use the collection ad feature to allow consumers to browse through your catalog. Additionally, the Offers ad feature can be used to promote online discounts. Or let say your company specializes in pet adoption. The Slide Show and Video features can be used to tell a cute story about the animals looking for homes. Through Post Engagement, your content can be shared with your follower's friends and family. If you have a pet adoption day, the Event Response ad can be used to promote the occasion.

For His and Hers Real Estate Investment, I feel the best Facebook marketing strategy would be through Video and Lead Generation advertainment. With Facebook Video ad feature, I would use testimonials from previous homeowners to promote my business. I f…